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Parting ways

He was my companion for the past one and a half years. We enjoyed our weekends together. On weekdays, he would patiently wait for me outside my office till evening. He meant a lot to me. But happiness won’t last long. It’s very hard to say goodbye to a pal who was part of the life. But I know I have to. Sooner or later, he would find somebody else to take care of him.

It’s difficult to adjust with the fact that my Bolero won’t be mine for long. I never thought of all these when I decided to pursue higher studies. I am being selfish for my own existence. But please don’t call it selfishness, call it helplessness. Ever thought about the feeling of a helpless parent who sells his child for food? I sense it now. There is a hope that someday he would be able to get his child back, and that he would be able to feed him.

It will be heartbreaking to see someone else enjoying the company of my friend, whom I was so possessive about. Yet I have to see it, and I will need somebosy else’s permission to be with him.

I can’t write. My eyes are filled with tears and my heart is so heavy that words break. My friend, I hope you will find someone better to take care of you..


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  1. ayyyo…. what happened? and where are u goin for higher studies? paavam vandi…. 😦

    Comment by surya | March 25, 2006 | Reply

  2. I understand that feeling.. the feeling of loss… 😦
    mMy sympathies.

    Comment by karram | March 27, 2006 | Reply

  3. and poor me thot it was abt me when i started reading it…:_( got stumped on the third sentence itself…

    anyways, coming back to the topic, so finally the bolero is getting removed from its stable, Autobahn? Dont worry, better vehicles, better roads… :_))

    Comment by Geo | April 6, 2006 | Reply

  4. If it was about you, it would have started something like “yipeeeeeeeee… i am relieved of my roomie of one and a half years” 😛

    Btw, we are going to shift and I won’t tell you where 😀

    Guess you are having a great time @ Chicago. And the veg restaurants over there are doing good business 😀

    Comment by kv | April 7, 2006 | Reply

  5. I want to say something comforting.. but my mind seems to be on vacation. So sending plenty of peace and good karma

    Comment by sarah | April 8, 2006 | Reply

  6. @sarah
    Thanks :). And some more thanks for guiding me to a beautiful blog. Your blog is so close to life. I wanted to put a comment over there, but so sad that I don’t have a blogger account and you don’t let others comment.

    Thanks to your blog. I got a hit from there, and the above comment. I followed the comment and found a beautiful blog :). Hope your blog will guide me to more such blogs.

    Hope I would get into some decent univ in US for my MS 🙂

    Comment by kv | April 8, 2006 | Reply

  7. Kiron, I think the following story of O.Henry would explain your obsession with the vehicle:

    We humans value only results gained through suffering. What makes Muhammed’s paradise so attractive is not just its splendor and sensuality, it is more of the great sacrifices and sufferings one has to subject oneself to, to gain entry there. It is exactly like what Agent Smith says in The Matrix ..

    News Flash :: I’ve become a philosopher .. does that surprise you?

    Comment by George Scaria | August 6, 2006 | Reply

  8. @Scaria
    Not at all surprised :). I would be surprised only if you run behind worldly pleasure.

    Comment by kv | August 6, 2006 | Reply

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