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Things I have and things I need

I sorely miss someone who never was mine. I don’t think she will ever be mine. But I miss her. I don’t know whether she knows that I still care for her.

But now, that is not my main concern. How do I tell those idiots at google that I needed google cabinet search and not google desktop search? I am trying to find a credit card statement that I put in my drawer in the morning. Till now I have discovered all these things in my drawer:

1. A leather glove. I will search for its pair when they actually launch a google cabinet search.

2. A broken TT ball.

3. An old TT bat with no rubber on one side.

4. A boarding pass which shows that I had been to Kerala on 11/07/2004.

5. My xerox copy? 😕 Oh! no, it’s an X-ray.

6. An empty brown envelope that is torn at all edges.

7. My degree certificate 😀

8. A T-shirt that is big enough to be used as my bedsheet.

9. My phone’s old cover. Looks like it had been attacked by some beast. My friend had run over it when my phone was kept in the middle of the local playground. Don’t ask me how I managed to do it. It was easier than burning the bed. 😕

10. A myriad of six and eight legged species. Usually I don’t mess with them.

Lots of things.. Feels like I am blessed with material wealth. But where the heck is my credit card statement? 😦


April 17, 2006 Posted by | On the lighter side | 14 Comments