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The Pump 2.0

In 1989, Reebok introduced the original Pump performance shoe and within four years sold more than 20 million pairs. Fifteen years later, Reebok unveiled the Pump 2.0 Рthe first shoe that automatically custom fits to the foot. The evolution of the original Pump, the Pump 2.0 features groundbreaking customization technology to truly revolutionize the sport of running. Created by NASA and MIT-trained engineers, the Pump 2.0 provides runners with a customized fit for all foot shapes by surrounding the athlete’s foot with an automatic form-fitting air chamber.

So it would be really special to own one, huh? What if it is the flagship model of the Pump 2.0 range? You flaunt your new pair of shoes wherever you go. You become complacent seeing your friends envious about it. You conveniently forget all those batterings you received from your dear ones for wasting so much money on a pair of shoes.

Five months and lots of wear and tear later, you miss a heart beat when you feel a pressure difference between the right and left shoes. You know the warranty has expired two months ago and all you can do is to throw your Pump 2.0 away and whine about $xxx going down the drain. Or you can just get it replaced with any merchandise worth its cost. You can pick up another pair of shoes, a couple of T-shirts and umpteen pairs of socks, all without paying even a single buck extra.

Hail Reebok!!


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