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This day down the years

August 6th has got a significant place in the annals of world history. For some, it depicts pain while for some others it depicts gain. For some, it was the harbinger of doom while for others it was the harbinger of glory. Historians across the globe have talked a lot about it. I don’t think I need to talk about it, or that I am qualified enough to talk about it.

I am here to talk about less significant things that nobody else will talk about. This day, four years ago, I had just started the seventh semester of my B.Tech. This was the day, on which I attended the first job interview of my life. This was the day, on which I got the first job offer of my life. The day on which my name appeared atop a small list of 5 people. I consider this as a lucky day, the day on which I found my place among the first few who got job offers from my batch. Though I didn’t take up that job at Tata Elxsi, my luck in interviews continue to this day. I have never fumbled a job interview till date and I hope I continue like that. I should thank my teachers and friends who helped me to be what I am.

I was unemployed four years ago. But there was no uncertainity or insecurity. I didn’t have any work experience. But still I was very confident. What have I achieved in these four years? Today I am unemployed, though I left my job at my wish. I know it is very easy to get a job now. I am as confident, if not more, as I was four years ago. However, I feel the so called insecurity. A jobless 24 year old is a lot different from a jobless 20 year old. Responsibility and 3 more years of life brings a lot of change. In hindsight, I wasted lots of opportunities. I never tried as hard as I should have. I have been lazy from the time I can remember.

I want to be a bit less lazy from now on. For myself, for the people I love and for the people who love me.

Disclaimer: I will still be lazy enough to sleep that extra hour in the morning or do things like this


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