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Running for a cause

Aug 6th again! I need to write something. But I am too lazy to think and recollect what all funny things happened last year. So I have decided to write about recent things.

I knew I was not made for running. So I never tried it! To be precise, I never tried running till May 2008. I was happy playing all sorts of games that I could. To hide my fear about running, I always pretended to be a good athlete. Pretending sometimes helps 🙂 . I was happy being myself till I learned that my teammate (who was my classmate in grad school before) is training to run a Marathon for charity! I don’t want to run. But some guy called ego started playing mind games on me. How can you let someone else trump you? That too when it is for underprivileged children in India. Just two years ago, you were doing active volunteering! I tried fighting, but had to give up at the end. On one fine Monday in May, a few weeks after the training started, I joined Team Asha and turned up at Baylands Park to start.

The Struggle
Being lazy, I didn’t enrolled in the mailing list. The effect: No assigned mentor since they didn’t know about a new person joining the group! I made good use of it though. Anyone who helped me was my adopted mentor. Chakri, Vijai, she-Kiran.. I had more mentors than others!

My only enemies for this pursuit were my laziness and sleep. Running buddies and evening running group helped fight them though. On the first day, I was with Kiran’s group and they were running 3 miles!! It didn’t feel difficult as I thought. May be I am made for running 3 miles. Who knows! Anyway, I am sure that I can’t run more than that 🙂 . In a couple of weeks, I was running 5 miles! One fine Sunday morning, there was something called tracks. This time my sleep won and I missed it. Everyone had something called an MTT to boast, and I had my laziness to curse! I was told to run with group 4 (slowest group) and I ran with them. I was running a bit faster than the group, at about 95 seconds compared to the group’s average pace of about 180 seconds!. Coach Raman kicked me out to join a faster group. Looks like I was made to run a bit fast too, who knows! Anyway, I did my MTT before tracks the next week. Coach Tony Fong took away my watch when he saw me starting the stop watch before MTT. “We time, you run!”. I started off slowly and then I heard coach Tony telling me “You will never finish if you run this pace” and I took off. First lap was fast, I had energy for the second lap, but realized I can’t finish if I run at that pace. So I slowed down in the second lap and then coach Tony paced me through the last two laps. At each lap, the crowd was cheering which pushed me forward. When I finished, coach Tony said “6:21.. 22”. It looked decent to me. I didn’t know that it was the fastest MTT of this year’s group until Venkat and Lakshman told me a few days later. Now I ignore the fact that I am not made for running. I just run!

Then What?
In case you are wondering what this post is about, this is not what I was planning to write. I realized that I am too lazy (as always) to write and post it before the clock turns 12 AM on Aug 7th. This is just a preface. Watch out for the real post..


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    This has become an annuallog. Maybe the first one on www!

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  2. Hmm. No, you aren’t alone.

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