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Height of smartness

Its that day of the year again and I need to write something. I have been writing about my laziness for a long time and there is nothing new about that. To be frank, I am too lazy to think about pearls of laziness that I didn’t blog about. For a change, I have decided to write about an innate trait of mine. Yes, you guessed it right (from the title, obviously!). I always knew that I am smart. I often wonder why people don’t realize that I am the epitome of smartness. Enough is enough. I am going to write about an incident so that people will no longer call me stupid.

Ever since my laptop charger stopped working (from an incident that deserves a blog post of its own.. but I am not doing that because it may make me look stupid :-?), I have been using my work laptop even at home. It has been only a few months and so I still haven’t got a new charger. I was on gtalk call with parents as usual when my cell phone rang. Adhering to telephone etiquette, I pulled out the microphone jack from my laptop before attending the other call. After I hung up, I resumed my gtalk call. Parents asked me who was on the other line talking in Malayalam. I told them it was my friend and continued talking..

Moments later, I was shocked as if struck by lightning. I could sense a path to greatness in front of me! I just discovered (ok.. not exactly, but at least witnessed) a new and totally innovative way of capturing sound without a microphone! This is my god given chance. I should not miss it. I just need to discover how my disconnected microphone could capture sound and my name will be talked about in the same breath as Newton and Einstein. I could even picture myself with fluffy white hair like Einstein. It looked a bit out of place on my head, but it may be because I haven’t completed my research on the million-dollar microphone mystery. Gravity and relativity need just one more great invention to complete the great trilogy. And here I am, almost on the verge of greatness. This is not the time to get distracted.

You need to be systematic when approaching science problems. First I made sure that I didn’t disconnect my headphones instead if microphone by mistake. No I didn’t. Can it be interference of signals that took the sound to the laptop through my headphone jack? I disconnected both and still it works. Oh my god, it is something even more powerful than what I had thought. Who knows, I may be counted as the greatest among all inventors! Countless nights without sleep followed. I was buried under a pile of papers with complex mathematical calculations like addition and subtraction. I was surrounded by such powerful tools of science like calculators and pencils and erasers. Hard work never gets wasted. Who cares if it took a few weeks or even a couple of months! I solved the greatest mystery of 21th century by myself! Yes I did it!!

I didn’t want to shock all of you when the Nobel prize for Physics is announced next year. I want to be nice even to those who think I am stupid. Hence this post. Now for those of you who are passionate about science, let me announce the greatest invention of all time. Hold your breath.. T61 laptop has an inbuilt microphone!

I knew I am smart 😀


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