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Afternoon thoughts

I am feeling sleepy. So sleepy that I may fall down from my chair. I can just go to the restroom, wash my face and come back.

But I have reasons for not doing so. I believe that there should be some benefit from whatever I do. I don’t see any benefit from warding off sleep. Sleeping is anytime better than staring at the monitor. But the real reason for not washing my face is different. I am too lazy to get up and walk 15 metres.

I may fall down any moment. I may get hurt if that happens. But I am unfazed. I am bold enough to defend my decision.

In the meantime, you can start showering your “get well soon” wishes in advance. 😕

Note: I have started accepting “get well soon” wishes in form of cheques, drafts, cakes, cookies, grapes, iPods, Ferraris(only red ones), Lamborghinis(only yellow ones) and all expense paid Alps holiday packages. I may also accept other Ferrari-red cars*

*Conditions apply


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Height of laziness

Very often do I wonder how lazy I am. I even tried to recollect the height of my laziness, but with limited success as I am too lazy to think about the past. But I am sure this incident will be a serious contender for that title. Its an excerpt from my friend’s blog. With her permission, of course.

Birds of the same feather..

Been a lil busy today..have lots to write, bout the hometrip, wil do that sometime else..just wanted to record something, and these things cant be postponed 😉
Kiron burnt his bed today(yes, u heard that right). Putting up the chat transcript here, with his permission ofcourse.

kironvsankar (10:55:22): ok.. ini idea
kironvsankar (10:55:26): nothing much..
lakshmiharidas (10:55:34): para
kironvsankar (10:56:23): innale vaikittu kidakkunna bed-nu thee vachittu urangan kidannu.. raavile oru 4.30 vare othungi kidannu.. 4.30 aayappo kidakkan sthalam illa.. baakki muzhuvan kathi poyi.. so enittu
kironvsankar (10:56:37): engane undu ente idea
lakshmiharidas (10:56:43): uvvu..sheikkum?
lakshmiharidas (10:56:50): y would anybody burn a bed?
kironvsankar (10:56:54): yep..
lakshmiharidas (10:57:10): onnu pode
lakshmiharidas (10:57:12): karyam para
kironvsankar (10:57:22): nobody else wud do it.. coz nobody has got as brilliant ideas as i’ve got
lakshmiharidas (10:57:32): nalla thala..
kironvsankar (10:57:36): athe.. innale bhayankara kothuku shalyam
lakshmiharidas (10:57:40): sukshikkane ..veyil kollikanda
lakshmiharidas (10:57:46): ini nadanna karyam para
lakshmiharidas (10:57:52): u put aamathiri?
lakshmiharidas (10:57:53): mandan
kironvsankar (10:57:54): so goodknight anweshichu
lakshmiharidas (10:57:56): on the bed?
kironvsankar (10:58:00): kittiyilla..
kironvsankar (10:58:20): so oru kothukuthiri oppichu.. appo athu kuthi vekkan sthalam illa
kironvsankar (10:58:42): so wall-il nalla height-il oru aani kandu pidichu..
kironvsankar (10:58:53): athil thookki ittu kathichu
lakshmiharidas (10:58:54): thookki itto?
kironvsankar (10:58:58): ennittu fan ittu
lakshmiharidas (10:59:01): right above the bed
lakshmiharidas (10:59:02): and?
kironvsankar (10:59:19): no.. no.. thaazhe veezhilla ennu enikku orappayirunnu
lakshmiharidas (10:59:19): kollaam i cant wait to tell ppl
lakshmiharidas (10:59:23): pinne?
kironvsankar (10:59:41): ennittu keezhil oru 30 cm maatti oru bed ittu kidappayi
lakshmiharidas (10:59:41): eh..ende sherlock holmes braininu polum kandu pidikkan pattunnilla
kironvsankar (11:00:10): raathri athinte ash kattathu parannu bed-il veenu
kironvsankar (11:00:27): some splinters also with it
kironvsankar (11:00:37): baakki oohicholoo
lakshmiharidas (11:00:47): shoo..sherikkum kathiyo?
lakshmiharidas (11:00:54): ingane oru chekkan
lakshmiharidas (11:00:58): ahangaari
kironvsankar (11:01:05): 4.30 vare njan enikkanulla madi kaaranam othungi kidannu
lakshmiharidas (11:01:11): dhairyam nokku..
kironvsankar (11:01:12): 4.30 aayappo sthalam illa
lakshmiharidas (11:01:18): oh..u were aware of it..
lakshmiharidas (11:01:19): great
kironvsankar (11:01:24):
lakshmiharidas (11:01:36): bed urukkunathum nokki kidakkunna mandan
lakshmiharidas (11:01:44): this is like irikkunna kombu vettal
kironvsankar (11:01:45): appo njan alpam vellam oppichu athil ozhichu.. ennittu churundu koodi kidannui
lakshmiharidas (11:01:55): athil thanne?
kironvsankar (11:01:59): pinnem athu kathi..
lakshmiharidas (11:02:05): ennittu enganendu damages
kironvsankar (11:02:16): ee process bed-il theeraravunnathu vare thudarnnu
lakshmiharidas (11:02:20): ikkannakkinu veedu kathiyaalum urakkom madim kaaranam avide kidakkum
lakshmiharidas (11:02:43): God!!
kironvsankar (11:02:55): kore kazhinjappol njan pratheeksha kaivittu.. bed-ne kathan vittittu appurathu kidannu
lakshmiharidas (11:03:02):
kironvsankar (11:03:04): pakshe bhayankara puka.. so enittu
lakshmiharidas (11:03:06): thottu
kironvsankar (11:03:07):
lakshmiharidas (11:03:18): ayyo enne kollu
kironvsankar (11:03:22):
lakshmiharidas (11:03:27):
kironvsankar (11:03:29): thatz what actually happened
kironvsankar (11:03:47): pinne njan oru 6 aayappo baakki ulla bed terrace-il kondu vachu
kironvsankar (11:03:59): ennittu enittu..
lakshmiharidas (11:04:03): “baaki ulla bed”
kironvsankar (11:04:04): so ippo orakkam varunnu
kironvsankar (11:04:10):
kironvsankar (11:04:26): aadyam urakkam.. bakki okke pinne.. thatz my policy
lakshmiharidas (11:04:29): eeshwara..ivan enthu cheyynnenneu ivan ariyunnilla
lakshmiharidas (11:04:34): ivanodu porukkename..
lakshmiharidas (11:04:35): amen.
kironvsankar (11:04:39):
lakshmiharidas (11:04:43):

Wot say, ppl of the world. .Thats not all, dude went back in the afternoon today and found the whole neighbourhood in front of their house, coz the bed(now on the terrace), was still on fire, and they thought the house was going up in flames. Me always been fortunate to have company dat beats me at insanity. And never short of such drama either, thanks to the same lot..

Now I feel I have achieved some remarkable feat in life. I am not a nincompoop, I know how to burn my bed.

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